What do we need to list our home on the market?

First you will need to provide a key and any special access numbers (alarm codes) to your home. You will need any necessary legal documents (i.e. power of attorney, death certificate, divorce decree) tied to the owners of record for the property. You will also need to have any available covenants and restrictions, home owner association (HOA) information (fees, contact name and numbers), and all the parties tied to the property available to sign the listing agreement.

What will occur at our listing appointment with Judy Hans?

At the time of your listing appointment, I will explain to you what I will be doing to get your house sold quickly and at the price you want. We will go over all of the steps from listing to closing and what you will be required to do during this time. Once you have all of your questions and concerns addressed to your satisfaction, you will be signing a lot of documents. These include a Seller's Disclosure (facts about the property), legal disclaimers required by law, and the actual Listing Agreement.

How soon will our property be “on the market”?

From conclusion of our listing appointment and execution of the Listing Agreement, I will initiate the process to get everything listed and activated on the MLS. This process usually takes about 24 to 48 hours. My goal is to make sure your home is available as soon as possible.

However, in some cases this may be delayed while an owner may make repairs or minor upgrades like painting to be sure the house is ready for that first visitor! It is always my recommendation that a seller not have their home listed for showings until the house is ready. The first showings are many times the most critical. You can never get someone to have a second 1st impression of your home!

What happens after the listing appointment?

Your paperwork is taken back to the office to be processed. You will receive copies of everything you sign along with a letter outlining what to expect throughout the listing period.

Arrangements will be made to have room measurements and photos taken. Once all this is complete showings will begin on your home.


I will make arrangements to have high quality photos taken and uploaded to the MLS (multiple listing service) and attached to your listing with detailed comments specifically written to entice people to look at your house.

What is a Supra Key (Lockbox)?

The Supra Lock is an electronic lock box used to gain access to the keybox which contains the key to your home. This system is the high tech equivalent of the combination or numerical lock boxes that have been in use for many years. The Supra Keypad has several functions beyond allowing realtors to show your home.

Among other things: It can be set to limit the earliest & latest showing hours for a property, and enables the listing agent to obtain a list of the times (dates, hours & names) of who opened the lock box to gain access to the property. Not just anyone has access to a Supra lock. Only agents registered with the local real estate board has access and authorization to use the lockbox. This is done to assure that not just anyone can gain access to your home.

Listing a home for sale is a complex process that I will make simple and painless for you. In a very short time I will have your house listed, people will be coming to view it and before you know it, your home will have a new owner! Call me today and let's get started!